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     Last updated: October 18th, 2013

NOTE: Windows 8.1 "Internet Explorer 11" has currently created issues with Hummingbird so do not purchase if you have it or want to upgrade to it. The price for Hummingbird is now only $19.95 and it is with this understanding. For the time being we are not updating the program so you agree that you are purchasing it with any bugs or challenges that it has, no refunds will be given for any purchase. If Twitter takes away a function because of system changes understand that that function is now gone till we invest more time and money into making an update. I am being totally honest with you in telling you that the program is not at it's best but still will follow and unfollow automatically. The delete direct messages is not working and the automated maintenance that we used to provide is not going through accounts. I know that many people wanted to use Hummingbird for the following and unfollowing so we have lowered the price to allow them to while we make a decision on whether to keep updating the program or simply stop selling it. If we decide to keep updating it you will be allowed to update the program even at this low price. I am also looking for a programmer or someone that wants to buy the site and source code to keep Hummingbird going.

To gain social currency, you must invest in gaining more followers. Your credibility is directly correlated to the number of people who follow you.

Fortune 500 Companies have been using Hummingbird to grow their following on Twitter since 2009. They choose Hummingbird again and again because it is:

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Automated Following.

Automated Un-Following

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The day of useless bells and whistles are over! We demand simple, intuitive programs that deliver on their promises reliably and effectively. We expect results and a return on our investment as the bare minimum. So how has Hummingbird managed to stay so simple, yet so powerful for years?

By eliminating useless features and focusing on Hummingbird's primary objectives (Build Followers Faster). It's that simple.

Hummingbird simply delivers on its promise again and again.

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