Update on New Release

Hummingbird II is really doing well with the new release we had a few weeks ago. Since then I see that TweetAdder has removed the auto-follow back option for their program also. Wow it appears that Twitter is just stopping anyone from doing anything these days and the whole purpose of Twitter was to tweet to your tweeps not to pay them for nothing.

Remember that Hummingbird 2 though it is an automated program that you can use on Twitter it is not a spam program or a program that does total automation these days. We tried that years ago and that did not work. What we do is provide you the automated tools for the things you are going to do anyway protecting your wrist and finger from the repetition that twitter requires these days to follow and unfollow people. We have designed the program to take away the monotony that using twitter creates which can lead to pain and other physical issues.

Hummingbird does not create accounts for spammers nor does it run totally automated without any interaction. You decide what you want to accomplish and then you tell Hummingbird Redux to accomplish it for you smartly. Twitter is pretending to promote smart marketing but it appears that they are also attempting to stop people from doing it without paying Twitter a fee for the service.

Our new update is working great and the only challenge we really have found is that when you close Hummingbird down without signing out of your twitter account we have a challenge. When you restart Hummingbird it will go back to that same account and attempt to sign in but it cannot because it is not on the right page. The result is an unwanted tweet in the process. Simply delete the tweet and make sure you sign out of your twitter account prior to shutting down Hummingbird and you will be doing great.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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Free Trials and Hummingbird

A few years ago, when we used to charge $197.00 for a version of Hummingbird that does not do everything that today’s version does, we offered a FREE Trial. What happened is we opened the door to every novice marketer to play with the big boys in allowing them to trial a program that they really did not know how to use effectively. The program works fantastic in the hands of a professional or novice and is simple enough to use. The challenge is that a good deal of people wanting to market on twitter and were not willing to learn how to do it correctly and simply thought a program would create success. I will be the first to say that no program creates instant success, and from my many years of testing thousands of programs over the years – any program that says it does should be avoided. We do one thing and that is build twitter accounts faster than any other program out there.

Instead of a Free Trial that simply created more work for nothing, we lowered the price to a small investment of under $70.00 to allow professionals to get the program. We also kept the cost just high enough to keep the riff raff from purchasing the program because they want a Free Demo Run or Trial. Good news is that TweetAdder still offers a Free Trial. Hummingbird is an elite program that is for Twitter marketers and professionals that want to build on their Twitter Success. We do not provide a program that is filled with worthless bells and whistles that provide no real return of your investment like the other competition.

You could pay more to buy worthless twitter followers these days and that is the new common get rich quick twitter scam as well. There are programs out there and I have used them over the years to build 100′s of Twitter Accounts and then you let the account sit with little activity till people pay for the followers. Then these worthless accounts will follow your account giving you the impression of having thousand of followers. The challenge is while this is going on you don’t want to follow people back because you already know they are worthless and if their is an issue later that can mess with your ratio’s. They are not fooling anyone and it is very easy to spot them and even with the new programs Twitter can at anytime they desire spot them all and suspend them with one click of their program.

Hummingbird has already tested all of these techniques and continues to test new techniques. The reason we are the top is because we keep it simple and provide you the best results. If you want to have a Free Trial then go visit TweetAdder and waste more valuable time attempting to get your results. In the meantime Twitter Professionals will enjoy the fact that our No Free Trial policy is allowing them to do something that others are not going to be able to do while they wait to get something for free.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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Automating Twitter

Twitter Automation is always a hot topic for social networking marketers. Over the years I have watched and tested all kinds of automated programs for Twitter. Some have been interesting and some just a plain waste of time. It seems that even today the novice Twitter Marketer is still looking for a system that runs on auto-pilot. That was the big draw to programs like TweetAdder prior to the Twitter Lawsuit that made them get rid of the automated following and unfollowing functions.

Around 3 years ago with our newly released Hummingbird II version we also experimented with the total automation of following and unfollowing. We created a smart engine and also keyword following with strict parameters that you could also set up. Now this was a fantastic product in that it did exactly what it says it would do and that is filter out people that the program followed automatically according to your criteria. It would wait X amount of days and then check the tweep to see if they followed you back and if not would unfollow them automatically. I know what you are thinking about now “That sounds like the perfect program for me to use to build and maintain my accounts.” and we thought the same thing when we originally created it.

Truth is that the program although it did exactly what we wanted it to the results were very poor. We were essentially selling a program that did what any novice Twitter Marketer would want but it really did not work well at doing what we knew was successful. What happened and the same thing that happens with TweetAdder and the other programs that sell a program that is so-called smart it burns through people you follow because they do not follow you back. That’s right you can waste time and energy filtering and looking for people to follow and in the end you simply unfollow them to make room to follow more people in hopes they will follow you back.

This is why we went back to automation that works with Hummingbird Redux. All we really needed was a way to eliminate the mouse clicks and teach you a way to build your Twitter Accounts Faster with Hummingbird 2. Follow people that are following others recently is your key to success. Find the people that are still using Twitter and building accounts. With our current method of building accounts I am seeing 1/3 of the people I follow following me back within a couple hours. Over half of the people will follow back within 24 hours and more after that. To put this into numbers – if I follow 300 people in a day – 100 people will follow me back within an hour to two – another 60-100 people follow me back within 24-48 hours and after 4 days I have 200 new followers on average and need to unfollow 100 people. Do this every day and you have 200 a day more on average which is 1000 a week on the safe side with a couple days off. Unfollowing only 100 people a day which is very safe on Twitter. This is the type automation that I can live with on Twitter.

Magically yours

Doc Magi

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New Hummingbird Update

We just released a new update for Hummingbird Version which improves performance and gets rid of some of the old bugs. This new redesign of our top twitter account building program has taken Hummingbird 2 to the next level again. The assisted maintenance option of the program allows members to automatically delete direct messages as well as unfollow tweeps that are not following  you back and automatically follow back the tweeps that are following you.

We have stayed away from creating a spam program and focus on just providing you the automation that you would be doing in managing your account manually. The program is not fully automated in that it does not simply start up every day and follow and unfollow people which is against the twitter guidelines. You will need to activate the program to do any of the automated functions and what we provide you is a way to do it without all of the individual mouse clicks which leads to health issues at times. Serious marketers can suffer from repetitive mouse clicks and Hummingbird automates some of these functions.

An example is to unfollow people that are not following you a person would need to click on their following list. To validate if someone is following you the person would need to see if they can send them a direct message which is another click. If they can send them a direct message then they are following them and you move on. If you cannot send them a direct message then you would have to click unfollow and move on. This could easily be 1200 click simply to find 50-100 people to unfollow. The same goes for following people and deleting direct messages. To manage one account a person could easily be required to use the mouse button over 2000 times and if a person has 10 accounts that they are managing then we are talking about over 20,000 mouse clicks simply to manage followers. Times this by a month and you can see the health risks of managing a twitter account so it makes sense that a company provides a way for people to manage their accounts easier.

This is what Hummingbird has done over the years and we have stayed away from creating spamming applications that can flood twitter. We provide you a tool that allows you to do what you would be doing normally and that is why we are so effective. This is also why Hummingbird is still able to provide you these functions. You need to be active on Twitter and the more people you have follow your accounts the more effective you are in your activity.

Our new update provides a tool that helps you to build your twitter accounts faster than any other program out there today. We also delete the direct messages because of all the spamming tools out there still that send automated direct messages to your accounts. We do not tweet, spam or provide you with total automation that rookie twitter marketers like to look for these days. We intend our program to be used by professionals that want to take their twitter accounts to the next level.

Doc Magi

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Quantity vs Quality for Twitter

Over the past 4 years of testing and building twitter programs the same question  comes up. What is better quantity of twitter followers or quality. Our first Hummingbird program focused on quantity of followers in building your twitter accounts. Back then we could easily follow a thousand people a day and twitter was just starting so quantity was easily the winner.

Today twitter has restricted its use though so the question is not as easy to answer. Lets go through the challenges then and see what you come up with.

#1. Twitter has restricted the amount of people you can follow per day and monitors it closer than before. This could lead one to think that quality is more important than quantity. If we only take this point into consideration we would still have a debate.

#2. Twitter monitors account building closer than they used to and have set up automated systems to look for Excessive Churn. Excessive churn on twitter is aggressive following and unfollowing of your tweeps. When building accounts we are safer when the people that we follow will return with a follow-back so it becomes mutual. If they do not follow us back then a couple things happen.

a) Our ratio of following to followers will grow and eventually we will be unable to follow more.
b) We unfollow people we are following to allow us to follow other people. This is what most automated programs do and also what Twitter looks for with churn.

What this means for us is that we want to avoid unfollowing people whenever possible to prevent putting our accounts at risk when building them.

#3. Our purpose of using Twitter is basically to get the links and word out to as many people as possible. This also includes the tweeps of our tweeps and every page we can. So if we think that quality is better here you are wrong. Quantity is our objective when it comes to viral tweets not quality of the people following us.

#4. What if we take a look at clicks or building traffic to my site This has to be quality of tweeps right? Not really it appears that again it is a percentage game and the way to increase percentage is to increase the numbers not to increase the quality. You day and time is limited and after spending 10 hours a day working a test account and grooming the account I found that there was no difference in my clicks or site stats. Instead I spent more time and actually put my SEO at a standstill. That’s right your tweeps and tweets can assist in your page rank and SEO as well. As of the end of 2012 Twitter was number 5 in page rank influences for Google. So quantity will again help instead of quality of followers.

#5. Time invested is a big detail in this comparison as well. If I can increase my followers by 100 per day and not have to invest over 10 minutes a day doing it then is it worthy of my time. This is also a reason that people look for automation these days. The challenge is if the automation is too automated or if the logic of the automation provides you poor results. Twitter is a business tool and like most business tools you have to work it and not simply put it on automation. This is why over the years we got rid of our total automation platform to go back to the basics. Lets build accounts and allow people then to work them.

If you look at these points you might find that quantity is the winner of quality even today when building your twitter accounts. Keyword following is a scam that allows marketers to simply be put into their own little networks. It is a good thing as well because it allows real marketers to market to the people that will buy their products and not marketing to the same people selling the same thing. It also helps us to keep affiliate marketers that are doing nothing but spamming the system to isolate themselves and frees up twitter for professionals.

Even today Twitter provides many benefits and for marketers and people that own websites it is even more valuable today. If you are looking for the quick money and hoping to make a twitter killing then you might be disappointed though. If you are looking to build your reputation, and business you are on the right track.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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