Hummingbird Redux Update

We’re in the process of releasing an update to Hummingbird Redux that will fix an account login issue along with work on the unfollow engine. The update should be completed by today or tomorrow after debugging. We will beta test the program briefly prior to release. Anyone interested in beta testing, feel free to email us.

Hummingbird Support

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Hummingbird Redux Update

We released today to speed up functionality along with adding a new browser setting that is located under settings. We received a handful of reports from users that are seeing a mobile browser while using Hummingbird. To correct this, go to Settings – Browser Setting. Change the browser setting to anything above Internet Explorer 9 and Hummingbird will then restart and use the standard desktop browser.

Hummingbird Support

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Hummingbird Redux Expands Marketing Department

Hummingbird Redux has remained a dependable marketing tool for many businesses, entrepreneurs, and music groups for many years. Our core value is to ensure that the program remains functional to make it easier for you to connect and engage with your followers. For this reason, we decided it was time to expand.


On 5/18/15, we made the decision to expand our marketing department. This expansion will benefit Hummingbird in multiple ways.

Support: We will have dedicated support staff to assist you and address any of your concerns via email 7 days a week.

Hummingbird Program Updates: We have always provided free future updates of Hummingbird and will continue to do so.

Website Design And Functionality: In the upcoming weeks we will give our website a few cosmetic updates and change a few links around to make it easier to navigate.


We encourage every Hummingbird Redux user to reach out anytime to provide any feedback on what type of support they would like to see on our website along with any future feature requests.

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Improve Twitter Results and Hummingbird 2 Speed

One of our customers mentioned that Hummingbird Redux slowed down when following 1000 people at one time. At first I thought why would you want to follow 1000 people a day because it puts your account at great risk of suspension. Twitter does allow you to follow 1000 people a day like it used to according to their Terms of Service but on the following paragraph under support they do warn against churn. Churn is following and unfollowing people and that is the real issue. How do you follow a large number of people and not have to unfollow a large number of people a few days later because you are at your follow limit?

The first thing I wanted to do was to check on the speed. It is true that the more people you follow at one time the slower the program becomes because it is doing checks and using more memory. I wondered is this because the program or does it have to do with just the list and going through them. After testing we found that it is actually going down one list of followers that starts to slow the program down because it loads a page then goes down that page to find the people. The more pages it loads the more it has to go down through and the longer it takes. We are looking at a way to improve or eliminate this challenge in the future. The other interesting thing is that the more pages you load and the farther you go into any twitter list the worse your follow-back percentage.

The question really is how can I improve my twitter follow-back percentage and also improve the speed of Hummingbird Redux. After more experiments I found a great way to do both of these things.

Set your number of people to follow for 50-100 people at a time in you account settings. If you have accounts that get a lot of people for you to follow-back daily or you do not do your following back every day or a couple times a day set it for 100 and not 50. I have a few test accounts that will get over 50 people to follow-back everyday on twitter.

Sign in to your account and pick someone and go to their followers list to follow all. Then follow all and it should only take a couple minutes to complete the task. Then go to another twitter account to follow their followers. Go up to login and sign back in automatically to the same account. This will reset the following number so you can follow another 100 people on the twitter account you have selected. You can do this 4 or 5 times and if you combine this will doing a follow-back first then picking an account you can also track how many people you follow each day pretty accurately. So sign into your twitter account and do a follow-back first if you desire. Then go to another account and continue following people till it stops. That is your first 100 people that you followed.

From all my testing this process will provide you faster following and also improve your follow-back percentage. Remember that the biggest challenge Twitter has will following larger number of people is unfollowing them later. If we were to get everyone we follow to follow us back we would never have an issue with Twitter. The closer we get to that 100% the better for everyone.

Keep playing and experimenting yourself. If you find something that improves your success or learn something that makes a difference let me know so we can get the word out to everyone. The more we work together the better our Twitter experience will be.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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Couple Tips for Hummingbird 2

Hummingbird 2 or Hummingbird Redux as we call it today is still able to build twitter followers faster and easier than anyone else. Of course you could waste your money purchasing followers from some company but our testing shows this is dangerous and a big waste of money. I personally know from spending hundreds of dollars in the past purchasing followers on test accounts. What I ended up with at the end is silly followers that interfered with me following back real accounts and in the end twitter shut down the fake accounts anyway creating another issue. My ratio of following to followers was so far off that it took me months to get the accounts back to working condition again. The other challenge with it was that it did nothing for SEO and nothing for my promotions because they are worthless dead accounts. If you have any experience on Twitter today you know what companies I am referring to here with these fake media companies that are spamming twitter selling cheap followers. Even the accounts that are promoting the links are fake and just a computer generated or affiliate account.

So how do you build followers faster using Hummingbird. The number one thing today is that there are not as many automated systems for following back like Hummingbird does. This means it takes longer for many people to follow back so increase the time before you unfollow someone. I still get around 25-30% follow back within a couple hours but before it used to be closer to 60-70% using the same process.

The next tip is to follow less people on someone’s followers list not following. From my current testing it appears that a 50% follow back is pretty common on accounts that are active but I always want more. If I follow 300 people at a time per day I will gain 120-180 within 24 hours on average. The reason for 300 is that I want to stay at around 400 a day to keep accounts safe. You can push this to 500 but a little more risky and if Twitter’s automatic detection system gets buggy you could get a temporary suspension. I do not do 400 at a time because we do a follow back as well a couple times a day and I have noticed an increase in these numbers up to 130 in one day just following back. The follow back accounts are around 50/50 for quality because of the automated system set up by the media company on spamming accounts. Easy to identify them though with the buy followers in their descriptions. They will more than likely also spam your DM with a message and if you do not report them and block them the messages will continue so do us all a favor and report them as spam to help cleanup Twitter from automated spam.

To improve the results set Hummingbird to do 100 at most when following tweeps on the list of Twitter followers. This gets the most active people and you can just follow people a couple times a day if you like to get more. I have done this a few ways. One is keep it at 300 and just go to someones account look at their followers list and see if I like it and start following them. Stop the follow when I start to see some accounts that are poor and then move on to another account and do the same thing till Hummingbird finishes following all 300. This was pretty good and also increased my follow back percentage to over 60% on average. The other was to set Hummingbird to the 100 and just go to an account and follow 100 then move to another Twitter account that I test and follow 100 from another account and rotate through them. Remember that Hummingbird resets the number each time you log into an account and does not track it by day.

Have a great day and experiment to see what works good for you.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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