Quick Tips to Improve Twitter Results

Here is a couple tips that you might find useful to build and manage your twitter accounts better:

  1. Don’t bother following everyone from a certain account. You are wasting your time and efforts. Pick a different account everyday to follow from so you get current tweeps that are building their accounts as well. Remember the secret is follow back percentage especially to get through the restrictions after 2000 twitter following.
  2. If you are having a challenge with unfollowing on your account load the pages prior to clicking on unfollow all. Sometimes with big accounts there is no-one to unfollow and Hummingbird will give up after a hundred or so with nothing. Simply go to your following list and start scrolling down the page loading more people. Load yourself a few thousand twitter friends and then click on unfollow all. Hummingbird will take a couple minutes to start reading all the accounts before it starts to unfollow but it will and it will save you a lot of work.
  3. Be active on your account every time you go to it. Tweet a personal tweet and check your twitter account activity. The reason Hummingbird is so successful is because you get a chance to actually work your twitter account and not just use an interface to do only a couple things.
  4. Run your assisted maintenance a couple times a day with all your accounts following back people. I don’t bother to unfollow every time I run it because I just want to stay active and not just create excessive churn.
  5. Last tip is play and experiment. Don’t put all your eggs and success into one account or system. Learn to use them all and vary your approach. Don’t be scared to experiment. Over the years I have had up to 200 test accounts all working on different systems and experiments. I have lost them all several times as well. I have also lost my main account years ago that had over 150K followers. That brought tears to my eyes and was a learning experience. I remember saying to myself now what am I going to do and this is not worth it. I learned that my thinking was flawed and have not lost a main account since. I also do not depend on one account as well either. I have a different account for each topic and subject. Never using two accounts for the same website though and never duplicating a tweet between them. The only way you really lose an account these days is through a serial account which are accounts that are tied together.

Hope you enjoyed the tips and have a great week. Good luck and create your success.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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Brand New Hummingbird Update

We have been putting it off for a while because we were not sure if Twitter was going to stay effective in building your SEO or SAO now a days. Well it appears that Twitter is still remaining just as effective in helping get your recognition so we updated the program.

We took away some of the worthless features and stuck with what made us the twitter king in building twitter accounts. That’s right we are back to the basic Hummingbird program that the big companies used starting out. Even with the restrictions that Twitter puts on accounts we still can build your accounts faster and easier than anyone else.

Hummingbird is not a total automated program where you set it and forget it though. We are a program for you to use to be active on twitter as well. We take you to your twitter account and log you in automatically. You start to interact with your tweeps using the twitter page not a program that provides a complicated interface. This means you can do anything on twitter that you would normally do on twitter in building your reputation.

We have an automated following system and we can unfollow people that are not following you back as well. So many professionals are getting carpel tunnel and having medical issues from the repetitive mouse clicking that twitter and other programs require in order for you to manage your account. We simply take that away because you should be able to manage your account without being harmed by the repetitive clicks. It is silly really why make someone click over and over again to simply follow someone that they want to follow. Then to top it off twitter wants to keep making it difficult to unfollow someone because of the past abuse of some people. What about the people that are not abusing it and just want to simply maintain and work their account.

With all the restrictions today the abuse is automatically identified so the old rule of no program being allowed to provide a click for someone should be challenged. What about you that have a challenge with the repetitive clicking shouldn’t you be allowed to simplify your life a little and if we can do it we should right.

The program is fully functional now and working like a champ. Enjoy it and we also are not charging a monthly fee to make it so expensive to use. One simple payment and you get all the new updates along the way.

Enjoy and sorry it took me so long to decide if I wanted to invest more money and time into Hummingbird.

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Update on New Release

Hummingbird II is really doing well with the new release we had a few weeks ago. Since then I see that TweetAdder has removed the auto-follow back option for their program also. Wow it appears that Twitter is just stopping anyone from doing anything these days and the whole purpose of Twitter was to tweet to your tweeps not to pay them for nothing.

Remember that Hummingbird 2 though it is an automated program that you can use on Twitter it is not a spam program or a program that does total automation these days. We tried that years ago and that did not work. What we do is provide you the automated tools for the things you are going to do anyway protecting your wrist and finger from the repetition that twitter requires these days to follow and unfollow people. We have designed the program to take away the monotony that using twitter creates which can lead to pain and other physical issues.

Hummingbird does not create accounts for spammers nor does it run totally automated without any interaction. You decide what you want to accomplish and then you tell Hummingbird Redux to accomplish it for you smartly. Twitter is pretending to promote smart marketing but it appears that they are also attempting to stop people from doing it without paying Twitter a fee for the service.

Our new update is working great and the only challenge we really have found is that when you close Hummingbird down without signing out of your twitter account we have a challenge. When you restart Hummingbird it will go back to that same account and attempt to sign in but it cannot because it is not on the right page. The result is an unwanted tweet in the process. Simply delete the tweet and make sure you sign out of your twitter account prior to shutting down Hummingbird and you will be doing great.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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Free Trials and Hummingbird

A few years ago, when we used to charge $197.00 for a version of Hummingbird that does not do everything that today’s version does, we offered a FREE Trial. What happened is we opened the door to every novice marketer to play with the big boys in allowing them to trial a program that they really did not know how to use effectively. The program works fantastic in the hands of a professional or novice and is simple enough to use. The challenge is that a good deal of people wanting to market on twitter and were not willing to learn how to do it correctly and simply thought a program would create success. I will be the first to say that no program creates instant success, and from my many years of testing thousands of programs over the years – any program that says it does should be avoided. We do one thing and that is build twitter accounts faster than any other program out there.

Instead of a Free Trial that simply created more work for nothing, we lowered the price to a small investment of under $70.00 to allow professionals to get the program. We also kept the cost just high enough to keep the riff raff from purchasing the program because they want a Free Demo Run or Trial. Good news is that TweetAdder still offers a Free Trial. Hummingbird is an elite program that is for Twitter marketers and professionals that want to build on their Twitter Success. We do not provide a program that is filled with worthless bells and whistles that provide no real return of your investment like the other competition.

You could pay more to buy worthless twitter followers these days and that is the new common get rich quick twitter scam as well. There are programs out there and I have used them over the years to build 100′s of Twitter Accounts and then you let the account sit with little activity till people pay for the followers. Then these worthless accounts will follow your account giving you the impression of having thousand of followers. The challenge is while this is going on you don’t want to follow people back because you already know they are worthless and if their is an issue later that can mess with your ratio’s. They are not fooling anyone and it is very easy to spot them and even with the new programs Twitter can at anytime they desire spot them all and suspend them with one click of their program.

Hummingbird has already tested all of these techniques and continues to test new techniques. The reason we are the top is because we keep it simple and provide you the best results. If you want to have a Free Trial then go visit TweetAdder and waste more valuable time attempting to get your results. In the meantime Twitter Professionals will enjoy the fact that our No Free Trial policy is allowing them to do something that others are not going to be able to do while they wait to get something for free.

Doc Magi

#1 Twitter Program for building Accounts

Hummingbird Redux

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Automating Twitter

Twitter Automation is always a hot topic for social networking marketers. Over the years I have watched and tested all kinds of automated programs for Twitter. Some have been interesting and some just a plain waste of time. It seems that even today the novice Twitter Marketer is still looking for a system that runs on auto-pilot. That was the big draw to programs like TweetAdder prior to the Twitter Lawsuit that made them get rid of the automated following and unfollowing functions.

Around 3 years ago with our newly released Hummingbird II version we also experimented with the total automation of following and unfollowing. We created a smart engine and also keyword following with strict parameters that you could also set up. Now this was a fantastic product in that it did exactly what it says it would do and that is filter out people that the program followed automatically according to your criteria. It would wait X amount of days and then check the tweep to see if they followed you back and if not would unfollow them automatically. I know what you are thinking about now “That sounds like the perfect program for me to use to build and maintain my accounts.” and we thought the same thing when we originally created it.

Truth is that the program although it did exactly what we wanted it to the results were very poor. We were essentially selling a program that did what any novice Twitter Marketer would want but it really did not work well at doing what we knew was successful. What happened and the same thing that happens with TweetAdder and the other programs that sell a program that is so-called smart it burns through people you follow because they do not follow you back. That’s right you can waste time and energy filtering and looking for people to follow and in the end you simply unfollow them to make room to follow more people in hopes they will follow you back.

This is why we went back to automation that works with Hummingbird Redux. All we really needed was a way to eliminate the mouse clicks and teach you a way to build your Twitter Accounts Faster with Hummingbird 2. Follow people that are following others recently is your key to success. Find the people that are still using Twitter and building accounts. With our current method of building accounts I am seeing 1/3 of the people I follow following me back within a couple hours. Over half of the people will follow back within 24 hours and more after that. To put this into numbers Рif I follow 300 people in a day Р100 people will follow me back within an hour to two Рanother 60-100 people follow me back within 24-48 hours and after 4 days I have 200 new followers on average and need to unfollow 100 people. Do this every day and you have 200 a day more on average which is 1000 a week on the safe side with a couple days off. Unfollowing only 100 people a day which is very safe on Twitter. This is the type automation that I can live with on Twitter.

Magically yours

Doc Magi

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