Account Maintenance

We are currently running a beta test on our new automated features for Twitter Account Maintenance. Here is what we are testing and a look at the new features.

Hummingbird will have a new item in the toolbar called Assisted Maintenance that will bring up this box.

The grayed out area will list your accounts. (The area is grayed out to protect some accounts here ;-).) The bottom area has check boxes for “Follow-Back People, Unfollow, and Delete Direct Messages” which you select any or all automated features you would like to have Hummingbird run. After you select which accounts and what features you want to run you will simply click on start and Hummingbird will go through each account selected and perform the functions. You will be able to see the results as well in the 4 columns to the right of  the account. The window will also provide you a live tracking and status of what is being done.

In addition to the functions above you can double click on one of the accounts that are listed and it will bring up the graph “image above”.  You select the dates or you use our dropdown “image below” for quick selection.

Then click on refresh and the graph will be created.

The graph will be created by your Hummingbird data in My Documents and you can also choose how you want to look at the data. Create it by Hours, Days, Months or even Years “image above”.

Right now this is in beta and we are accepting some of our Hummingbird family as beta testers to see how it performs on different systems.  So far the tests have shown that this new automation really assists in managing multiple twitter accounts easily.

Doc Magi

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